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Enterprise DNA Experts Are The Communities Power BI Super Users!

"Enterprise DNA Experts are a selection of subscribers who come recommended from Enterprise DNA as have showcased high levels of mastery around Power BI.

Experts is our highest awarded credential for subscribers and can only be acheived by showcasing advanced and varied Power BI skills through earning the Enterprise DNA Certification and consistently supporting subscriber queries on the forum."

Sam McKay, CFA - Founder, Enterprise DNA

Enterprise DNA

Expert Profiles

Brian Julius

  • Over 30 years experience performing complex analysis of economic and business operations data 
  • Specialty in the application of data analytics to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public sector processes 
  • Recent Power BI solutions focused on human resources, budget planning and financial management, interagency agreements, and waste minimization 
  • Particular interests in addressing DAX-related challenges and applying innovative techniques to improve the Power BI user experience  

Jarrett Moore

  • Over 2 and a half years experience in Power BI.
  • Have provided Power BI solutions to over 2 dozen Companies in the Restoration Industry over the past year and a half throughout the U.S. & Canada.
  • Developed in depth solutions for Job Management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable & Financials.  
  • Power BI expertise in Data Modeling, DAX, Power Query Editing & Conditional Formatting.

Paul Lucassen

  • Enterprise DNA certified, 5 years experience in Power BI
  • Delivered Power BI solutions to a wide range of customers in Europe and US.
  • Provided Scenario Analysis solutions in Transportation & Logistics
  • Experienced in Data modelling and Power Query 

Greg Philps

  • Enterprise DNA certified in Power BI, with over ten eDNA courses completed.
  • Completed many data-focussed IT projects for the Canadian government over the last decade, the last 2 years as a Power BI consultant.
  • Skilled at developing and implementing clear and simple data transformation logic, data cleansing routines, and data models, using DAX, Power Query, and paginated reports.
  • Extensive experience as well with other Microsoft BI tools, including those for the design, development, and deployment of data warehouses (SSAS), ETL packages (SSIS), SQL queries (SSMS), and reports (SSRS).

Harsh Anil Joshi

  • Over 5+ years experience in Accounting & Finance, 2+ Years experience in Power BI, over 1.5 years experience in Media Industry, and pursuing Chartered Accountancy.
  • Certified Enterprise DNA Member in Power BI with over 15+ completed courses.
  • Providing Power BI delivered solutions to a wide range of clients, helping them analyze and track the performance of their campaigns and enabling them to achieve their KPI's in a timely and efficient manner with optimal ROI's.
  • Power BI enthusiast employing PowerQuery and DAX Language best practices.
  • Experienced and certified in other BI Tools such as SQL and MySQL software.

Melissa de Korte

  • Skilled in ETL and Modelling. Delivered practical Power Query solutions in both Excel and Power BI.
  • Expertise in analysing business process data. Delivering, deploying and supporting Power BI solutions throughout the organisation.
  • All-round Power platform enthusiast.

Antriksh Sharma

  • 2+ years of experience in Power BI, Power Pivot, Power Query and SSAS
  • 2+ years of experience in DAX, optimizing DAX, and SQL language. Likes to read DAX blogs, articles, and books in free time.
  • Keen interest in Data Modelling, Data preparation, and Data clean-up using various tools.
  • 1+ years of experience in Core Python and approx. 6 months of experience in Pandas/NumPy/Matplotlib/Seaborn etc. Python libraries for Data Analytics.
  • Super User at Microsoft’s Power BI community platform with over 80 solutions, 50 PBI solutions at Enterprise DNA’s community, and approx. 30 PBI solutions on other platforms. Passionately believes in sharing everything he knows.
  • 4+ years of experience in excel automation through VBA, likes to read VBA blogs in free time.

Heather Rowe

  • Has honed skills in finding creative formula solutions for Excel after many years of experience working with small-midsize companies that had limited resources. Began working with Power BI early in 2017, working in both Excel and the Desktop to present solutions to our management team.
  • Currently working for a mid-sized, family-owned company in the private sector, with a focus on B2B sales.
  • Have developed solutions at multiple levels within the company including C-level management, division managers, and sales team members. Have also developed a solution for a few key clients, providing additional insight into their purchases.
  • Experienced with both DAX and M code, with much early training coming from reading various blogs and following YouTube channels. Working on gaining experience with some of the External Tools that have been introduced over time.
  • Always eager to learn, and more than happy to ‘give back’ assisting others in their journey, improving my own knowledge base through research of different types of problems.
  • In addition to enjoying how much Power BI can speed up truly mundane tasks, truly fascinated by the innovative ways that visuals can bring the data story together for an audience.

Mudassir Syed

Rashid Ali

  • 6+ years of experience in preparing dashboards in Excel, streamlining accounting and business processes, and highlighting issues in production scheduling and material planning to improve quality service to customers
  • 3 years of experience in performing complex Data transformations in Power Query and handling data from multiple sources especially during Budgeting and Financial Year End process.
  • One year of Advanced Power BI experience in creating complex analytical dashboards to provide meaningful insights to management on a daily basis to highlight the areas for continuous improvement in business operations.
  • Power BI enthusiast particularly interested in generating insights by innovative use of visualizations and by communicating the complex scenarios in an easy-to-understand and storytelling way.

Venkata Rajesh

  • Professional experience in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.
  • Strong passion for analytics and data mining to drive business decisions.
  • Enterprise DNA certified in Power BI.
  • Skilled in Power BI, Power Query(M), Data Modeling, DAX, SQL.

Hossein Seyedagha

  • Background in Statistics (BSc) & Biostatistics (MS)
  • Over 5 years experience working with statistical packages SPSS, Minitab, R, and SAS.
  • About 2 years experience working in Regulatory Affairs performing Non-compartmental (NCA) and BA/BE analyses for Clinical Trial studies, and fitting statistical models.
  • About 2 years experience working with Power BI and SQL Server

Alex Badiu

  • +9 years experience in various financial positions: Controlling, FP&A, Pricing, Data Analyst in several multinational companies.
  • +3 years experience with Data visualization solutions: Power BI & Tableau
  • Former Alteryx User Group leader in Paris (2019)
  • Project Manager for international BI solutions & deployments (certified Scrum Master)
  • Passionate about data, people & processes, I am a true believer of simplification, automation & increased collaboration.
  • Interested in Digital transformation, new ways of working, data governance and building knowledge sharing communities.

Jan van der Wind

  • Background in Accounting, Finance (BSc) and Business Economics (MBA).
  • Over 25 years experience in different finance positions as financial analyst, data analyst, functional designer and controller.
  • Broad and in-depth experience in financial systems and data visualization systems, as Power BI, COGNOS, Tableau and QlikView and SAP.
  • Skilled in data normalization, data auditing and implementing process- and system-improvements, a true believer of simplification and automation.

Gustaw Dudek

  • Over three years experience in working with clients from diversified industries mostly in healthcare sector and providing analytical solutions for real-world scenarios.
  • Experienced in creating complex operational and financial analysis including multidimensional revenues & costs analysis and simulations, business lines profitability analysis, churn rate evaluations and others).
  • Over 2 years experience in MS Power BI and over 4 years experience in MS Excel.
  • Particularly specialized in creating interactive dashboards & reports in Power BI, with heavy emphasis on data visualization.

George Mount

  • Over ten years of analytics experience ranging from retail to healthcare.
  • Author of the O'Reilly book Advancing into Analytics: From Excel to Python and R
  • Manages a popular data analytics blog at [Stringfest Analytics](
  • Focuses on statistical programming and general analytics literacy

Gaelim Holland

  • Innovative Data Analyst and Digital Channel Optimization Specialist with thorough knowledge of Omni channel analytics and incorporating online and offline data in funnel analysis.
  • Skilled in maximizing online sales, revenue, and call-to-actions through conversion rate optimization, statistical science, and A/B testing. Deep expertise in statistical testing tools, data extraction, and data science.
  • My 15 year career has allowed me to work in multiple data science roles in several industries at organizations from the startup level to Fortune 500 companies across 3 continents.

Henry Habib

  • Improved processes and facilitated organizational change using both standard and bespoke tools (Power Platform, data analytics, custom built programs, etc.) for over 6 F500 companies spanning financial services, retail, and telecom
  • Led training and employee-tool empowerment sessions (SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate) for several organization, the most recent being a large governmental organization of over 6,000 members, with advisory add-ons
  • Accomplished Power Platform and Office 365 trainer (specializing in SharePoint, Power Apps, and Power Automate), with over 100 hours of recorded content and over 30,000 paid students on e-learning platforms
  • Background in Accounting and Finance, with a specialization in Economics

Tim Weinzapfel

  • Over 5 years experience in Power BI covering a wide range of expertise including Power Query, DAX, data modeling and visualization.
  • Expertise in the Microsoft Power Platform and integrating Power BI with Power Apps and Power Automate.  Passionate for process improvement and automation using these applications.
  • Programming experience in R Script and continuing to expand in this area including how to integrate in Power BI. 
  • Enjoy teaching others Power BI as well as collaborating and learning from the community.

Ilgar Zarbaliyev

  • Retail Store Manager with diversified experience into Textile Experience and Store Operations Specialist with multi-unit & category management experience and Data Analyst who loves to interpret and analyze data to drive growth with furnishing insights, analytics, and business intelligence needed to guide decisions.
  • MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer), MCE (Microsoft Certified Educator), MIE Expert (Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert), MCSA: BI Reporting
  • 14 Microsoft Certificates in Azure, Dynamics 365, Excel, Power Platform Products (Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI) & Enterprise DNA Certified
  • PL-300 Course Author (Enterprise DNA)
  • Trained Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and 21 Century Learning Design courses to more than 800 people for the period of April 2021- November, 2022

Abu Bakar Alvi

  • Worked as an embedded telemetry engineer at the start of his career for around 13 years where the focus of his work was to acquire and analyse data for various products in the Defense industry.
  • For the last 6 years, he has been using Power BI and other visualization tools to perform data analysis and data viz work mainly as a Project / Program Manager in the ICT domain as well as social sector.
  • For the last 2 years, he has been working as a trainer imparting basic Power BI skills to corporate employees as well as graduating students.

Paul Gerber

  • Chemical Engineer (BSc) for over 18 yrs. Oil & Gas experience with a background in combustion theory and design of EPA certified combustion equipment.
  • About 2 years experience in Power BI.
  • Delivered several reports with detailed insights for current corporate finance departments and other various sectors within the company. Trained fellow colleagues in the use of Power BI and DAX.
  • Won my first two challenges with eDNA back-to-back.
  • 21 eDNA courses completed including R and Python. I continue to expand my knowledge base in R, Python and SQL.

Rachwen Mosbehi

  • Business Intelligence Engineer
  • Over 3 years experience in Power BI
  • Over 1 and half years in dashboard UIUX Design
  • Delivered +20 Power BI solutions to a wide range of customers in Europe and Asia
  • Create and implement Power BI embedded solutions for web application development
  • Skilled in data visualization art

Jose Antonio Fernandez Puga

  • Almost 20 years of professional experience as ERP Analyst/Programmer for Management, Finance, Optics and Transportation
  • 3 years of experience in Database development with SQL Server
  • Enterprise DNA certified with 9 eDNA courses completed
  • A year of training as a Data Analyst in Power BI, Power Query, Data Modeling, DAX and data visualization
  • Participated in 4 eDNA challenges, winning the Newcomer category in the first one and overall winner in the third
  • More than 50 solutions in the Enterprise DNA community forum. I love being able to help community members and learn from their queries

Kim Cook

  • Background in Accounting (B. Com/CPA) with 20 years of experience with Enterprise Corporations in the IT sector.
  • Enterprise DNA certified, 3 years experience using Power BI and 6 challenge entries.
  • Focus on Power Query to clean up data so minimal DAX is required.
  • I enjoy process improvement and automation. Currently learning Power Automation and applying it to tasks in my workplace.
  • I work closely with the business to develop reports and models using Microsoft Power BI, power query and Excel which provide actionable insights

Sue Bayes

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate
  • Over 5 years successfully working as an independent Power BI developer and data analyst within the public and private sector
  • Reporting solutions range from project management, planning , financial reporting, specific service sector reporting, bespoke data cleansing and sentiment analysis.
  • 15 years of lecturing in Business and Computing before starting my own business.
  • I am passionate about data in general and how we can harness information to grow business. Knowledge of R, Python, SQL and C# but main love is M and DAX.

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